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will not comply. >> and how the shootings have moved grieving newtown residents to join the debate. >> you have a tremendous power. and the fact that you're from newtown is even more important. >> we cannot be defined as a culture that accepts this. >> things must change. this is the time. >> these two stories in this special edition frontline. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, committed to building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. more information is available at additional funding is provided by the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issues. and by the frontline journalism fund, with a grant from millicent bell, through the millicent and eugene bell foundation. >> it's been a week since the shooting. (bell tolling) for most of the journalists in this newsroom, they've never covered anything that came close to being as horrific as this. it
and we do hope to see you then. >> jon: a jam packed week of news. >> newtown, we want you to know that we're here with you. we will not walk away from the promises we've made. >> the president takes his message on the road and plays the same tune for the people and the press, while the senate overcomes a filibuster threat clearing the way for the debate on gun control. a fox news reporter is in court fighting to protect her sources. the liberal media hammer the iron lady as news of her death spreads world wide. hip-hop power couple, jay-z and beyonce vacation in cuba. and msnbc runs a controversial promo claiming kids belong to the community, not parents. and a hollywood reporter names its 35 most powerful people in the media. who made the list? find out now on fox news watch. on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller, richard grinnell, for the ambassador of the united nations. jim pinkerton, editor to conservative magazine and ellen radner. i'm jon scot i'm in for jon scott, fox news watch. >> i've heard some in the washington press, what happens to gun
couldn't pass the strongest ban in the nation. it was the families of newtown who came to the state capitol and changed the calculus. i think the same thing happened here this week. there's nobody that can make the case better than these families. and they spend all week fanning out across the capitol and i think it's no coincidence that we will end this week in a much better position than many people thought we would a week ago or a month ago. i went to the floor yesterday to give my first speech. i talked an about one of these kids, dillon. he was a child with autism who died that day. but his mother, nicole, who was amongst the families who are here, took some tiny measure of peace in the way that he died because though there was terror in that classroom that day, his beloved special education aid, in the moment of horror, wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight, as the destruction reigned down on that class. that's how dillon and ann-marie were found, embracing each other. she said, i knew at that moment he felt love. >> stories like that story about dillon hockley, 6-yea
. investigators appear to know who they are looking for. >>> defeated. the post-newtown gun control legislation goes down in the senate. there are cries of "shame" from victims of gun violence wahing from the senate gallery. and the president reacts with anger. >>> high alert in washington after an unnerving day there. letters sent to the president and at least one u.s. senator have tested positive for the poisonous substance ricin. >>> and making a difference as some very welcome rescuers come to the aid of the people of boston. to the aid of the people of boston. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. now the investigation in boston is moving. after a day of fits and starts and several false reports, it appears that from a mountain of evidence has emerged an image, a series of images that likely show the bomber that police are looking for. parts of boston are still shut down. it was another jittery day there after a bomb threat at the federal courthouse this afternoon. this is the bombing scene tonight. we have learned more about the devices
the families who flew all the way here from newtown, connecticut for joining us here today in san francisco. and while you are far away from home, i hope that you feel welcomed in our city. as a father of two girls myself, i can't imagine the pain and grief that you have suffered these past three months. and i have profound respect for your courage and for your commitment, for turning this grief into action. the tragic and horrifying events in sandy hook elementary school, touched every american, a tragedy of this magnitude brings along with it the pain, the shock, and the disbelief. and it forces all of us to ask the question how can we prevent such terrible events? how do we protect our children? our youth, our residents? for san francisco, it is very important for us to continue to have an open dialogue regarding gun violence so that we can answer these questions ourselves. today, we honored the three-month anniversary of the tragic mass shootings at sandy hook, elementary school, with technology leaders from san francisco and all over the bay area, joining the sandy hook promise. the la
in newtown, connecticut. and surrounded by family members of the newtown victims. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd traveling with the president with us tonight from west hartford, connecticut. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the white house believes this is their last best chance to do something meaningful to reform america's gun laws. the president used this speech in west hartford to make a powerful plea to washington. on a mission to rekindle the emotional spark that connected newtown with america in december, the president renewed his plea for gun control. >> this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for all the families who are here that have been torn apart by gun violence. >> reporter: mr. obama invoked the suffering of the families of the newtown victims. >> and newtown, we want you to know that we are here with you. we will not walk away from the promises we have made. we are as determined as ever to do what must be done. >> reporter: many of the families made their own emotional pleas sunday night on "60 minutes." >> e
since sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, the killing ground for an apparently deranged young man. the families of the victims of gun violence have been leading the effort to prod congress in enacting the first gun-control legislation in years. in chicago, the first lady spoke of attending the funeral of a young lady who until a week after the inauguration. >> ere is a reason all of us are on this earth. i urge them to use their lives to give meaning. >> the appeals of sandy hook family members moved one senator to tears. >> i am a parent. i have a grandson. [indiscernible] >> that is west virginia democrat's joe machin, who along with republican pat toomey is sponsoring a bill to extend background checks. believe it or not, the legislation has passed its first a filibuster.past charles, what are the chances of this bill passing? >> i think we will get some extension of background checks and they will try to haveome arane there will not be a national registry. it will be a very, very small change. nothing like what people had envisioned after newtown, which was
microphone over to a newtown dad, mark barden. >> we'll return home now. disappointed but not defeated. >> reporter: the president, clearly angry. >> the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. >> reporter: lashed out at congress. >> this is a pretty shameful day for washington. this effort is not over. i want to make clear to the american people, we can bring about meaningful changes to reduce gun violence, so long as the american people don't give up on it. >> reporter: from the steps of air force one to the u.s. capitol, newtown families had been unwilling to give up. >> our hearts are broken. our spirit is not. >> reporter: gabby giffords who personally lobbied senators, call the failure to pass expanded background checks unthinkable. but the consoling of a survivor, who shouted at senators. shame on you. >> order in the senate. >> they have no soul. they have no compassion. >> reporter: some newtown families had held more private meeti meetings. mark kirk's staff took these pictures. the latest poll showed nearly nine out of ten surveyed want tighter restrictions o
violence. i listen to the people of newtown who say, can't we do something about the guns? and i respect the rights of gun owners, the second amendment is the law of the land, and none of these proposals would take guns out of the hands of responsible and lawful gun owners. but there are some people who should not have them. there are some guns that should not be in use, and there are some weapons of war, high-capacity magazines that should not be sold in this country. in more than half of the mass killings, high-capacity magazines enabled the shooting that occurred so rapidly and so easily, and newtown the changing of a magazine by the shooter enabled children to escape. in tucson, the killing of a nine year old girl, christina taylor, by the 13th bullet, would not have happened if that magazine had been limited to 10 rounds because the shooter was tackled as he tried to change magazines. the high-capacity magazine enabled adam lanza to fire 154 bullets in five minutes. so these kinds of commonsense measures may not prevent all of these tragedies. they may not enable us to stop all of t
. this was a group set up by the state after the newtown, connecticut massacre in december. they set this group up to review the state's laws and then today in response to that massacre and their review of the state laws, they put forward nine bills. nine bills that include a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and improving the reporting of mental health information to the state's background check systems. a fairly comprehensive package. now, in terms of whether or not this will pass, it may help to consider the partisan background. do not adjust your television sets. this is really that lopsided. there are eight republicans for the 29 democrats in the state senate. wow. rhode island will have a debate over these measures and some may be changed by virtue of the debate, but this partisan break down in the state means these measures will likely pass. since the sandy hook elementary school massacre on december 14th, there's been bipartisan cooperation in the states that have reformed their laws thus far. that's particularly true in connecticut, but it's not irrelevant to note that al
, very small change. nothing like what people had envisioned after newtown, which was going to be a ban of certain weapons and on large clips of ammunition. i think -- considering what the ambitions were at the beginning -- it is something of a debate. >> lois, where do we go from here? >> we have a lot of debate on both sides of the floor. both sides have vowed to add amendments that will go nowhere, such as revisiting the ban on automatic weapons. i agree with charles. 86% of the american people want extended background checks and i think that is all that are going to get. " still, the american people are for this. is it just possible the power of public opinion and the emotional impact of the families on the hill could overcome the power of the nra? >> in this case it may, and it seems to already have to some extent. to have the families of not just newtown, but other massacres all over the hill is a very powerful thing. there have been the short-term victories before. the nra is a very injuring opponent. what is interesting to me is -- a very enduring opponent. what is interesting t
privately with the newtown families and shared their grief and hope for a better tomorrow. thank you for joining us today. i have worked with conway, in many capacities to create a environment that supports innovation and we are in many regards the innovation capitol of the world and i am so proud to see this effort launched here today. as mayor, i have focused on jobs, as a top priority and making sure that our youth get quality education and training them to be able to compete for the jobs of the 21st century economy. the fact is and i have said this often, you can't give a job to a dead youth. you can't tell that youth not to lose hope. and that they can succeed no matter where you come from for too long. we have seen too much violence in our communities and it must end. yesterday i signed into law the nation's first ban on possession of halopoint ammunition in san francisco. we worked closely with supervisor cohen to introduce this legislation. these extra deadly bullets have no place in our streets. we are also creating an early warning system to alert us when individuals make m
be the deal that could actually get through. >> i was on capitol hill when many of the families of the newtown bee comes with air. they were visiting -- newtown victims or their -- newtown victims were there. it seemed like it was a momentum changer. >> absolutely. they made very emotional visits. the families are insisting on meeting with the senators themselves. they aren't settling for meeting with staff and may be a pop in a handshake from senator. one senator was actually late half an hour to 40 minutes for dinner with brock obama because he was meeting with the newtown families. and he said you made the right call. this has affected her vote. she will vote for the bill this week. >> many on the republican side who were hesitant to vote for any sort of gun legislation, who seem as if they may be more willing now. do you find that? x it is very tough for them. you have the nra saying, no way, we don't want this at all. but there are 16 republicans who voted in a procedural manner last week to start the gun debate, which democrats and obama thought was a victory. of course, the senate will
states senate heeded the call of the lobbyists. from newtown, connecticut. >>> the answer can't be as it has been for 20 years we do nothing. >> developing news out of capitol hill. >> the first vote on gun safety comes next hour. >> today let us decide there will be no more newtown. >> the senate voted 68-31. >> the procedural vote in the senate. >> to begin debating senator harry reid's gun safety reform bill. >> hard work starts now. >> we've got to reach 60 votes. >> the bill has gotten past that 60-vote hurdle. >> 60 votes, not bad. >> there is still work to be done. >> we've got to reach 06 votes. actually, several times. >> we don't know what the end result will be. >> in order for this to go all the way. >> white house is pulling out all the stops. >> the public is so far ahead. >> here's the thing, a wide divide. >> a new nbc "wall street journal" poll. i love this thing. >> 82% of democrats favor stricter gun laws. >> only 27% of republicans. >> just 27% of republicans. >> >> reporter: what happens next? >> what is the goal? >> it needs to be bipartisan. >> republica
and was gunned down in aurora, colorado. families i met today from newtown, beautiful little children who were murdered. this is only the beginning. 90% of democrats on the floor stood with 90% of the american people. for expanding background checks. i appreciate very much the handful of republicans who crossed the aisle to stand with us on this commonsense issue, to keep felons and people with emotional problems from having guns. the simple fact is that the overwhelming of senate republicans are ignoring the voices of 90% of the american people. not people from dallas, texas, new york city, l.a., but everyone in america from every state. time and time again, on issue after issue, i'm sorry to say republicans put their short-term political goals and interests at the interest of mainstream americans. the american people are awake and alert. they are paying attention. they will not stand for this forever. 90% of americans agree expanding background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists is one of them. today the brand other republican party has become even more out of s
to understand a little bit about newtown itself, it is a small town. it has an old fashioned sense of community. people live in newtown, because it is a great place to raise a family. that is why we moved there. both of my kids went to sandy hook elementary. my wife is a 6th grade teacher in town, two of the students killed that day lived in my small neighborhood. the gunman and his mother lived a street over from us. one of these precious children killed hawkly whose mother is here today lived across the street from the gunman. last friday would have been dillon's 7th birthday. it was a snow day, i was traveling and my wife and children were home but i received a text message from them rather than building a snow man out of a foot of snow that had fallen, they build a cup cake and with food coloring colored the icing purple which has dillan's favorite color. 13-year-old, children, and the boy, first grader across the street whose face is on the cover of the new york times on december 15th, they should be building snow men, they should not be building memorials. to lose so many people who are y
in the families of the children slain in newtown. but is america resisting change? >>> the iron lady. we remember margaret thatcher. >> britain needs an iron lady. >> feisty, unforgettable, and fierce. the bond she forged with ronald reagan and how she changed the world. >>> unfriendly skies. airline grades are up, but so is frustration for passengers. tonight, the best way to get justice if you're getting taken for a ride. >>> and the mouseketeer annette funicello. she danced and sang into our living rooms, got us all singing that tune -- ♪ >> -- one last time today. m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e ♪ >>> good evening. diane is on assignment tonight, and president obama is on the road, making an emotional plea. you see him there in hartford, connecticut, just 40 miles from the newtown shooting. pressing lawmakers to punch through the stalemate and pass something on gun control. he's laid out an ambitious agenda after newtown, but much has been blocked, and resistance is growing. so as the president scrambles for a compromise, he's taking dramatic steps. when he leaves connecticut tonight, 11 relatives
legislation would not happen this year even after what we saw happen in newtown. tonight, thanks in part to the newtown victims, a big step in the other direction. nbc's kelly o'donnell with us from capitol hill where she's been covering all day. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. what we are talking about is a swing from politically undoable to the surprising number of republicans who signed on with democrats to say it's time to start working on the guns issue even though they deeply disagree. how did that happen? many here say the newtown families made the difference. snapshots of fallen children and teachers of newtown inside the senate. outside the capitol, a 23-hour vigil reading gun victims' names. >> jamie stafford at the age of 31. >> reporter: crosses to remember them on the national mall, and family members here to witness the vote. >> we are standing here because her sister and my mom can't be. their voices need to be heard. >> reporter: under that emotion-fuelled pressure, expectations shifted. >> literally the political landscape of america on gun safety
weapons. the bills came from the newtown attack that killed 26 students and teachers. >> new details of the envelope sent to a senator that contained a deadly poison ricin. crews are testing the mail in landover, maryland to see if any other mail is contaminated. a senate says agents are focusing on a person who has written to lawmakers in the past so they do have a suspect. the envelope was addressed to mississippi senator roger wicker and postmarked in memphis. no indication anyone has been exposed to the poison. >> san francisco law requiring radiation warnings to cell phone customers could be overturned under a new deal. the board of supervisors will consider a proposal in the coming weeks ending the legal battles with the cell phone industry lobby over the 2010 law which has been on hold requiring phone her chants to warn users to keep devices away in their brain and reproduction organs. they would ensure that taxpayers don't pay the legal fees by dropping the law. >> for folks going to the exploritorium today, what is the weather going to be like? >> sunny. a lot sunshine. a li
>>chris: four months after newtown an n.r.a. task force says the key to making schools safe is to pus armed guards in them. well sit down with the director of the task force on fox news sunday exclusive. plus, the president takes his push for gun control on the road. >> there is no reason we can't do this unless politics is getting in the way. chris credit the white house tries to sure up fading support for new gun restrictions and make a deal on immigration reform. we will discuss both with the president's senior advisor. and the obama budget, two months late. well ask our sunday panel about the president's offer to cut entitlements. is it the start of a grand bargain in and our power player of the week, all right now on fox news sunday. hello again from fox news in washington. after more than 100 days of intense lobbying from both sides the senate is about to take up legislation to impose tougher gun control. but in the months since the newtown massacre, support for the measures has faded on capitol hill. in a few minutes we will talk with head of the task force on school
relations push on guns today in connecticut where he spoke in december in the days following the newtown shooting. the speech today at the university of hartford will be the second in a week in a state recently hit by a shooting. a last-ditch effort to pressure congress on guns. tomorrow, vice president biden will press for gun legislation at the white house. on wednesday, michelle obama heads to chicago to deliver remarks on gun violence. on thursday, the vice president on "morning joe" for a roundtable discussion focused on gun legislation. meet with newtown family members today. last night on "60 minutes" they shared their stories. >> i ran to the firehouse and frantically was just looking around. >> i just kept texting jimmy every 10 or 15 seconds. ana, question mark. ana, exclamation point. >> they need not just to look us in the eyes but our children and the lost ones and see those faces and see what's gone. >> it's going to happen, again. it is going to happen, again. and every time, you know, it's somebody else's school. it's somebody else's town. it's somebody else's community u
't look newtown families in the eye and tell them why he's threatened to filibuster, but he is man enough to take on ashley judd. tough guy, isn't he? we have the reporter who broke that story, just ahead. >> connecticut, this is not about me. this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for all the families who are here that have been torn apart by gun violence. >> i stand before you now and ask you to stand with me. with all the families. >> i'm going to take another opportunity to congratulate the louisville cardinals for an incredible championship win last night. >> and yet some folks back in washington are already floating the idea that they may use political stunts to prevent voes on any of these reforms. >> i also want to say a word about margaret thatcher. >> they're saying your opinion doesn't matter. >> she literally turned the tide, so we mourn her passing. >> we want a vote! >> we want a vote. >> we want a vote! we want a vote! >>> it is a beautiful spring day on the east coast. and imagine it, congress is in session and hard at work. indeed. it is a very bu
in newtown. has he already been outmaneuv outmaneuvered on gun control. >>> the world lead. if north korea is trying to scare americans, mission accomplished. our poll shows that many people say north korea is a immediate threat while optimism for a peaceful solution is fading. >>> and the politics lead. add this to jay-z's 99 problems, congressional scrutiny over his getaway with beyonce to fidel castro's backyard. >>> president obama is in the skies aboard air force one planning to touch down in hartford, connecticut, where he's making a last-ditch effort to keep his gun control agenda alive. the president will speak about 50 miles from newtown where 26 people including 20 children were gunned down in december, as if you could forget. now nearly four months later, the shock has faded and so has the support for tougher gun laws. the senate will begin debating new legislation as early as this week, but the president doesn't even have enough support within his own party for his fondest wish, a new ban on some types of semiautomatic rifles sometimes called assault weapons. senator richard bl
'll take longer than that, he will be joined by some of the families of newtown victims, families who were up on capitol hill today when this amendment was defeated up there with vice president biden so he will be joined by the victims' families no doubt making his remarks that much more emotion al. i suspect he'll give very emotional remark as he has to date. probably ten to 15 minutes. you can expect the president to talk about the fact that this is an issue that matters to americans and that he will not give up the fight. that this is not the time, there is no reason this issue has to go down now and he will continue persisting on it. i believe the president was on the phone working this issue throughout the day today. and as you know, wolf, he is really expending about as much political capital on this in the second term as on any other issue, holding 13 different events, talking about it at dinners with republican senators and then, you know, flying newtown families back on airforce one here to lead them to bring to capitol hill for lobbying. he has really put elbow grease into it. i
of newtown, araurora, and people like gabby giffords deserve a vote. and now they are going to deny a vote? you deserve better than that. you deserve a vote. [ cheers and applause ] >> obama: now, look we new from the beginning of this debate that change would not be easy. we knew there would be powerful interests that are very good at confusing the subject; that are good at amplifying conflict and extremes, that are good at drowning out rational debate, good at ginning up irrational fears, all of which stands in the way of progress, but if our history teaches us anything, then it's up to us, the people to stand up to those who say we can't or we won't. stand for the change that we need. [ cheers and applause ] >> obama: and -- and -- and i believe that that's what the american people are looking for. you know, when i first ran for this office, i said that i did not believe the country was divided as our politics would suggest, and i still believe that. [ applause ] >> obama: i know sometimes when you watch cable news or talk radio, or your browse the internet, you
, relatives, and friends are of those killed in newtown, connecticut. and we'll know soon if this will be the difference between action on gun safety and doing nothing. and when we do, we'll have a new estimate of what happens when regular people get out there and lobby congress. right there where it works. what's different, of course, is that that's people are the ones most personally and permanently affected by the ability of the wrong people getting their hands on guns. i remember the old argument, guns don't kill people, people do. and that's where senator pat toomey is right. a wider, stronger background check on all commercial guns is not about what kind of guns are out there and what can be sold, it's about the people out there and who shouldn't have their hands on any gun. and this is where the battle for better background checks stands right now. can the supporters of gun safety get 50 votes in the senate on the background check itself? can they get 60 votes to clear a filibuster? can they get the one vote the speaker of the house scheduled to vote in the snous ca
the juxtaposition of something like this what happened in boston to what happened in newtown? ho do we act as a country, legislatively and otherwise? >> that's a very fair question. ultimately i think what will dictate the police call response to this will be in part what we find out about the cause of this. if this is found to be an islamic terrorist act, the reaction will be much different from other events. i would argue that if -- >> michael: david, i lost david sirota. hopefully we can get him back but we will be back and i will talk to cenk uygur. he is the host of "the young turks," and we will continue to cover boston right here in "the war room." >> michael: we're back in "the war room." the fbi is now classifying what happened today in boston at the boston marathon as a terrorist attack. 107 people according to, 107 people have been scene in boston hospitals as a result of this. two are confirmed dead. and all of this happened at the 26th mile of the boston marathon, which was dedicated to the 26 victims of newtown. there's a team of newtown pare
, he came out in the rose garden with gabby giffords and newtown families. one father said he is disappointed but not defended. and the president agreed with that. >> all in all, it is a shameful day for washington. this effort is not over. i want to make it american people, we can bring about meaningful change to reduce gun violenca so long the american people don't give up on it. >> the president said it is roundd one, though it is a round he lost. after the senate voted down one of president obama legacy items a spectator shouted shame on you as vice-president biden tryied to bring the chamber back to order. >> knowing they were likely to fail biden declared in a google hang out they will prevail eventually. >> a lot of guys and women say i will have to look the nra and gun groupps in the eye. that's true. you also have to look the parents in the eye. >> republican senator rand paul said the president overplayed his hand by using the newtown family. >> it is still saddens me to see them . i think that in some cases, the president used them as props and that disas me. >> tha
tonight: the gun control legislation written after the newtown massacre has been scuttled in its entirety by the united states senate. moments ago, standing with parents from newtown, connecticut, the president railed against the senate. >> so, all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. but this effort is not over. i want to make it clear to the american people, we can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence so long as the american people don't give up on it. >> pelley: of course, opponents of gun control are elated by the decision, and we will start our coverage with chip reid at the capitol. >> on this vote, the yays are 54, the nays are 46. >> reporter: for supporters of gun control, including vice president joe biden, it was a major defeat. they fell short of the 60 votes needed to adopt an amendment requiring background checks for people who buy guns at gun shows and over the internet. under current law, background checks are required only for sales handled by licensed gun dealers. 60 votes were required because that is what it would take to over
newtown or the next aurora before we act. and i -- i genuinely believe that's what the overwhelming majority of americans, i don't care what party they belong to, that's what they want. they just want to see some progress. part of the reason it's so hard to get this done is because both sides of the debate sometimes don't listen to each other. the people who take absolute positions on these issues on both sides sometimes aren't willing to concede even an inch of ground. >> the president's choice of location was, of course, intentional. meant to send a message. recognizing how difficult it is to get anything done on the issue, the president flew to the state that against the odds just did. colorado, of course, just passed major new gun safety legislation. late last month, the state's democratic governor, john hickenlooper, required new laws requiring background checks for gun sales and banning sales of ammunition clips that hold more than 15 rounds. in a signing ceremony attended by family members of victims from the mass shootings in aurora and columbine, as well as newtown, connect
that the families of newtown heand aurora deserve vote, we all have to stand up. [ applause ] you want the people you send to washington to have just an iota of the courage that the educator of sandy hook showed when sandy hook arrived on their doorstep, then we're all going to have to stand up. and if we do, if we come together and demand this change together, i'm convinced cooperation and commonsense will prevail. we will find sensible, intelligent ways to make this country stronger and safer for our children. so let's do the right thing. let's do right by our kids. let's do right by our families. let's get this thing done, connecticut. thank you. god bless the united states of america. >> that was president obama in hartford, connecticut, giving a powerful speech on gun control to an audience that included families of the sandy hook victims. the president demanded a vote on gun safety proposals and he's urged the crowd to get involved. saying now is the time to make your voices heard. welcome to "politicsnation." i'm al sharpton. president making a rousing speech even a rallying cry at some po
after newtown which is we are going to do something significant. not everything, there's a lot of disappointment, people want more on things like assault weapons and high capacity magazines, but on background checks, this is a significant deal and something that will be difficult for the house to resist. >> john rosenthal, let me bring you in, at the beginning of the debate after the newtown, mayor blockburg alk with your organization, that questioned the power of the nra. it was said they are all bark and no bite. here you have the nra statement immediately rejecting this and heritage foundation, conservative group, saying they will score republican nets house who support this. so is it proof the nra still has a voice and power and that this is a disappointment to congressmen like keith ellison. >> it is true the nra intimidate but it is also proof congress can be bought. this is not significant legislation. it will help close the commercial gun show loophole. >> why isn't that significant? >> because it will do nothing to close the dangerous criminal loophole. so criminals ca
, to honor the students and teachers at newtown. today we saw activists reading the names of all the people who have died since the newtown shooting. we saw the sister of victoria society soto. she was overcome with emotion before victoria's name could be read. >> age 7, december 14th, 2012, newtown, connecticut. >> victoria schl oto, age 27, december 14th, 2012, newtown, connecticut. >> that's what this debate is all about. it's about people, not politics. but some republicans still don't get it. today, john boehner, the speaker of the house, was asked point blank if he'd allow a vote in the house once the gun bill passed the senate. >> bipartisan-control bill comes out of the united states senate from do you see a vote on the house floor? >> we're going to review it and in the meantime we're going to continue to have hearings looking at the source of violence in our country. but i'm going to wait and see. >> wait and see? boehner's going to wait and see if he'll allow a vote? at the state of the union two months ago, boehner stood and applauded when the president called for a vote. >> gab
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